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OEM information changer for windows.

Version 1.0.5443.41803 (ALPHA RELEASE).
This software has been created to change the OEM information in the system information screen of Microsoft® Windows™

The software is made to function with the following OS:
* Microsoft® Windows™ Vista(x86/x64)©
* Microsoft® Windows™ 7(x86/x64)©
* Microsoft® Windows™ 8(x86/x64)©
* Microsoft® Windows™ 8.1(x86/x64)©
And future Microsoft® Windows™ operating systems.

This software is currently still in alpha,
this is mainly due to some cosmetic changes to the gui.

We decided not to create a OEM patcher for Microsoft® Windows™ XP© due to Microsoft® Windows™ XP© no longer officially being supported my Microsoft®.

To run this software you need to have the .net framework 4.0 client profile to be installed on the machine.

This is software written in C# and it is maintained in free time.

The GPL v2 file is included in the download.


OEM information changer x64 (15 Kb zip-archive) for 64-bit systems.
OEM information changer x86 (15 Kb zip-archive) for 32-bit systems.